This building was constructed by community effort in 1871 of native limestone as the Congregational Church and served in that capacity until a new brick church was constructed 1887-1890. The nearby stone parsonage, first occupied in 1867, was sold in 1870 to provide funds for the 1871 church.

The old church provided space for the chapel, classrooms, and library for the Weeping Water Academy which was established in 1885, as its founders felt their children could not receive adequate training in the local public schools of the day. An active promoter of the school was the Rev. George Hindley. Due to his efforts, the school became and remained identified with the Congregationalists, although the work was largely nondenominational. Three formal courses of study were offered including classical, scientific and English Normal.

As enrollment increased, other buildings were utilized or constructed with the largest being Hindley Cottage. The school closed in June, 1914, due to decreased enrollment as public schools improved. During its 29 years of existence, the academy had some 220 graduates. In 1917 this building became the "Weeping Water Academy Library" and continues to serve as the public library today.

Nebraska State Historical Society
Nebr. 50, Weeping Water
Cass County
Marker 118